Where does raspberry ketone come from?

Raspberry ketone is a compound derived from red raspberries that produces their appealing fragrance. Although the berries alone are a nutritious snack, you would have to eat at least 90 pounds of them to reap the same benefits provided by a raspberry ketone supplement.

Is raspberry ketone safe?

There are currently no known dangers associated with taking raspberry ketone.

Can raspberry ketone be taken by anyone?

Raspberry ketone should not be taken by children or women who are pregnant or lactating. Individuals with heart disease or hypertension should consult a physician before use due to the chemical structure of raspberry ketone. As with all supplements, you should first discuss taking them with your physician.

Are there any side effects associated with raspberry ketone?

There are not clinically-recorded side effects for raspberry ketone.

What is the best diet to follow while taking raspberry ketone?

In order to achieve maximum results, it is best to consume a healthy and nutritious diet. Increase your intake of vegetables and leafy greens, choose whole grains, limit sweets and junk food, and drink plenty of water.

What should I look for/avoid when choosing a raspberry ketone supplement for myself?

When choosing a raspberry ketone supplement, look for one that contains 100-200 mg pure raspberry ketone per capsule without the presence of fillers, binders and artificial ingredients. The facility producing the supplement should be FDA registered and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

Is there an FDA approved raspberry ketone supplement?

The Food & Drug Administration does not currently evaluate herbal and dietary supplements as it does not classify them as drugs.

How long after taking raspberry ketone will I start to see results?

Weight loss results vary by individual. However, you can help increase your results by embracing a healthy lifestyle that includes both proper diet and moderate exercise.

How do I measure my weight-loss results?

Although you may see a noticeable change in your total weight throughout the process, weighing yourself on a scale is not the best way to track conclusive results. The most effective strategy is to take measurements of the body at the bust, chest, waist, and hips. Be sure to take the first set of measurements before beginning your Garcinia cambogia weight loss experience. Additional measurements may be taken on a daily or weekly basis. Read this short and simple article to learn how to do this properly.

Where can I purchase a raspberry ketone supplement that meets the recommended requirements?

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